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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 17, 2010 12:05am-1:05am PST

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and finally tonight, a historic moment today at the white house, as president obama conferred the medal of honor, the nation's highest medal of valor, on 25-year-old staff sergeant sal have a tone guinta. the president described his heroic actions when his unit in afghanistan was attacked in october 2007 after two taliban fighters captured his comrade, he gave pursuit, killing one taliban, wounding the other. he then provided first aid to brennan, though he could not save him. guinta was shot twice in the attack, and today, he had this to say. >> this is an incredible time but it is also kind of a bittersweet time. times like this, because of this day, i lost two dear friends of mine, hugo mendoza and joshua
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brennan. and although this is so positive, i would give this back in a second to have my friends with me right now. and there are so many others, other than sergeant brennan and specialist mendoza that are the unsung heroes of this war and will never come back or give a hug or see their family again and we have to remember them because that is the quality of american soldiers we have, willing to go to war, fight and do whatever is necessary until the battle is done. >> and we salute him. that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel here with guillermo, uncle frank and yehya at tgi friday's. the place for good food and good fun. >> i want fun! >> your flat iron black angus steak, sir. >> that looks good. >> crusted chicken. >> i want that.
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>> signature ribs. >> jimmy: oh, thank you. >> i want that. >> and the pecan crusted chicken salad. >> i want that. >> i want that. >> jimmy: guys -- relax. we can all share. >> good idea, jim, wow, what a good idea. >> jimmy: thank you. all right. there we go. okay -- >> this is way better. >> jimmy: yeah. i'm glad i came. >> me, too. >> dicky: take a photo at your favorite tgi friday's and logon to to enter to win a trip to see "jimmy kimmel live." "jimmy kimmel liv "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with leah remini, from "dancing with the stars," brandy and music from trey songz. ( instrumental music )
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- from "the talk," leah remini. "dancing with the stars" brandy. and music from trey songz. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, you've got it. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: that's very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, thank you for being here, thanks for watching. i want to say also, i've been getting letters, phone calls today, i want to thank you for your congratulations, as you probably heard, i am engaged to prince william. that's right. [ applause ] i will soon be the queen of something. you know, people seem to really care about this royal wedding stuff. be honest, are you excited about this? [ applause ] mostly ladies. couple of fellas. the big news item today was that pr prince william asked his girlfriend kate middleton to marry him. i totally thought he was going to pick vienna. so, now there will be a mass five royal wedding in the spring of summer or next year, broadcast all over the world. it will be held at st. paul's
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cathedral, the sight of every royal wedding going back 100 years. either that, or cabo. still figuring it out. i've never been more excited. i hope oprah takes me as her plus-one. this is interesting. william is the future king of england, if all goes as expected. but the queen gets to choose what his wife's title will be when they get married. i hope she picks jermajesty. they had a -- they had a big fancy engagement party tonight at buckingham palace. it was really -- unbelievable event. all catered, 100%. you can see people dressed up in their fancy royal garb. oh, wait a minute. that's not -- oh, that is not -- that is -- i'm being told that's -- that was actually a fight on halloween night at a denny's in oakland, so, i'm sorry. i'm mistaken. the costumes threw me.
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prince william gave his new fiance his mother's engagement ring. sweet, right? i guess for luck. i don't know why. maybe he's cheap. maybe he's -- maybe they're saving up to buy a condo and they decided -- the story was all over the news today. for those of you like me who don't pay a lot of attention to the royal family, today, "the today show" gave us a primer to help bring us up to speed on this romance. >> william met kate middleton in the fall of 2002 while attending hogwarts academy. william is, of course, a prince, descended from a royal line. kate is a commoner. her father, a chimney sweep. her mother, a baby spice. the royal wedding will take place in spring 2011 in london's st. paul cathedral, followed by a reception at the south kensington medieval times restaurant. a spokesman said her majesty the
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skween and her husband gandolf are delighted for them both. and prime minister russell brand sent his congratulations, too. >> jimmy: that's right. we tried to fit all the -- every english stereotype into one -- i think we did -- only forgot the crumb pets. if you have been watching our show, you know tomorrow is national unfriend day. facebook users say good-bye to anyone who isn't their friend. most of the people on your list aren't your friends. tonight is national unfriend day eve, which is nude. tomorrow is nud, tomorrow is nude. tomorrow night, people will take a hard look at the hundreds of facebook friends and to cut out the fat. for instance, anyone you wouldn't give your phone number two, unfriend. anyone who has your phone number but every time they call, you let it go right to voicemail, unfriend. the annoying people, the overposters, your mom, your aunt. people who dress their pelts in
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costumes and put the pictures up. anyone you don't really want to hear from, or about, it's time to let them go. stand tall, unfriend them all is what we're saying. [ applause ] by the way, i hope you do this. ened you should know it's already national unfriend day in china. if you have any chinese friends, you can get rid of them right now. it's not -- it's not too early. by the way, since we air after midnight, some people are getting a jump on the unfriending. it's like when you give your kids one gift before they go to bed on christmas eve, that's the sort of environment we've got going on outside. we've set up some unfriending stations on hollywood boulevard. that line -- those people are waiting in line to get to these computers so people can go on fa facebook and begin the party. that's my cousin sal. >> hey, jim. >> jimmy: happy unfriend day eve to you. >> same to you. this is shaping up to be the most exciting unfriend day -- maybe ever. >> jimmy: i guess so.
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now, can we meet any of the people who are currently -- or -- >> no. no, you cannot. you have to wait until tomorrow. >> jimmy: is there a privacy issue? >> come on out now. >> jimmy: all right. hello there. what is your name? >> cecil. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> south carolina. >> jimmy: who are you unfriending right now? >> ashley. >> jimmy: uh-oh. who is ashley? >> someone i dated back in high school. >> jimmy: oh. >> i went out on two dates with her, let her know it wasn't working out and she set my backyard on fire. >> jimmy: what? how did she do that? >> i'm not exactly sure but she let me know in no uncertain terms why she had done it. >> jimmy: she's still your friend on facebook? >> she apologized for any misunderstanding we might have had. >> jimmy: see, a friend doesn't set your backyard on fire. i'm glad you're unfriending ashley. only one person?
12:17 am
>> ah -- i unfriended four people. >> jimmy: who are the other ones? the others, second person i would say is -- her boyfriend at the time that i had started to date her. >> jimmy: the guy who carried the gasoline? [ laughter ] >> i'm not sure of that. >> jimmy: and who are the other two? >> one of the people, i'm convinced i never knew -- >> a guy is on your facebook page right now. big white guy. be careful. >> and most recently he sent me some pictures which were kind of inappropriate. >> jimmy: oh, really? is this brett favre? yes? no? all right. see, now, that's exactly what we're looking for. cecil hit it right on the head. those are people that should not be your friends. we'll check back in on that in a minute. all across the country, we've been hearing from people who are planning to host parties, where people get together -- this is a good idea. invite people, have a party,
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invite people, use facebook to invite them and then if they don't show up, they're out. you unfriend them. as a group. [ applause ] by the way -- unfortunately, this will not be as easy as it should have been. over the weekend, facebook made it much harder to unfriend. the -- instead of clicking an x next to a list of names, now, you have to go into each person's profile to get rid of them. i don't know. could that be because of us? i don't know. i tell you what -- i understand why they're worried, but i think they're missing the point of national unfriend day. the idea is to bring up closer to your actual friends. it's not to destroy facebook. it's to whittle it down. you don't have sex with every person you meet on you have sex with maybe a couple of hundred people you meet on -- maybe. [ laughter ] fewer friends i think will make facebook more fun and people will enjoy it more. if it's a fight they want, we
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will fight. we are the goonies, and facebook is the fratellis. they can make the treasure harder to find, but they will not stop us from saving the goon docks. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] now, the worst thing, i think, about these friends is they take time that you could be spending with your actual human friends in person. so, we had many celebrities take part in this effort. tonight, we bring you a special message from the biggest of them all, our governor who is asking us to close up our laptops and open our hearts. >> hello, this is governor around schwarzenegger. here is something you can do right now. reach out to someone who is different than you. give it a try. if you're tall, maybe you make a friend with someone who is short. like i did with danny devito. >> jimmy: all right, well, thank you terminator. national unfriend day is tomorrow night.
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meanwhile, some serious unfriending went on tonight here on abc. elimination night on "dancing with the stars." four dancers remained. for last seven weeks, bristol palin has had the lowest or second lowest score. last night, she had the lowest score again. and let's see what happened. >> brandy and maks. bristol and mark. on this ninth week of competition, i can now reveal the couple with the lowest combined total of judge's scores and viewer votes is -- brandy and maks. which means kyle and lacey and jennifer and derek will face off against bristol and mark. >> look at that. the shock on the -- it is amazing. it's remarkable. brandy gets the axe.
12:21 am
she had a perfect score last night. and bristol palin lives to dance another week. we have to come to the realization that bristol palin cannot be destroyed. she's like a no fun version of charlie sheen, and -- [ laughter ] she must be getting a lot of votes. imagine how many votes she would get if she could actually dance. speaking of bristol palin, her mother's former running mate was john mccain. john mccain did a strange thing yesterday. yesterday, senator john mccain of arizona wished snooki of "jersey shore" a happy birthday on twitter. that is a sentence that 40 years ago would have made so sense whatsoever. here are the tweets. happy birthday snooki. she wrote back, thabk -- she must have a cold. thank you, johnny. sounds like somebody is headed to the smush room there to me.
12:22 am
snooki and -- and john mccain have been carrying out this twitter romance for awhile now. mccain says tweeting snooki reminds him of a very hot flirtation he had with amelia earhart back in the '10s. and he said snooki reminds him of his beloved skin tags, so, that's nice. [ laughter ] last night on monday night football, michael vick had one of the all-time greatest games ever for -- [ applause ] really? wow. no dog lovers, i'm guessing? did you all get bitten? how can this be? he had -- he became the first nfl player to throw for four touchdowns and rush for two more in a single game. he could wind up being the mvp of the league this year. and, well, god is dog spelled backwards, so maybe they don't -- this is crazy.
12:23 am
his teammate, wide receiver desean jackson said, before the game, he said, the eagles, quote, were like pit bulls ready to get out of the cage. and then everyone looked down at the ground awkwardly. speaking of animals this is -- somebody posted this to youtube. look at this. see a car. driving along the highway. and in the backseat of the car is -- a horse. it's a horse. it's a horse named rascal who rides in a car and then i guess does tricks at parties and stuff with his owner. the guys at the car wash hate him. but -- i don't know, i guess it is easier than carrying a spare tire. let's go back to cousin sal and see how the understood friending is going on. sal, you are peeking in the booths there? >> i'm cassie. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> month ray. >> jimmy: how many friends do you have?
12:24 am
>> like, 1300. >> jimmy: too many? >> i think so. >> jimmy: are you happy to get rid of some? >> yeah. >> jimmy: how many? >> i got rid of two. >> jimmy: two? now, what -- if i was one of the two -- sal, stop touching her. >> we have to use the stickers. >> jimmy: put them all over her then. it's -- you know, what -- may i ask what the two people did to deserve being unfriended then? >> well, the first person i feel kind of bad about. it was my dad. >> jimmy: oh, really. and who else? >> this family friend who always chats me on facebook and i don't know him that well. >> jimmy: what is his name? >> his name is -- >> jimmy: all right. all right. well, we'll find out. he'll find out. he'll figure it out. all right, thank you cassie. all right. well, once again, national unfriend day starts tomorrow. it's going to be bigger than easter. all big holidays have holiday
12:25 am
music to go along with them. nud is no exception. we've had a couple -- we go now to rochester, new york, where brad paisley and darius rucker are on stage. ready, here, now, to ring in a new day in unfriendship. take it away, fellas. ♪ ♪ to all the friends i've uned before ♪ ♪ who sent me quizzes about jersey shore ♪ ♪ you made my life a hell ♪ with your stupid lol ♪ to all the friends i've uned before ♪ ♪ to all the guys from grammar school ♪ ♪ posting shirtless pictures by their pool ♪ ♪ your fat and sweaty back ♪ really makes me want to yak
12:26 am
♪ to all the friends i've uned before ♪ ♪ our time on earth goes by so quick quickly ♪ ♪ we have to make each moment great ♪ ♪ so i cannot waste one more minute ♪ ♪ reading your dumb status update ♪ ♪ to neil greenberg and beth chappelle ♪ ♪ to david ross and megan bell ♪ we won't miss your favorite tree ♪ ♪ or your vegan chicken recipe ♪ to all the friends we've uned before ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, fellas.
12:27 am
we have a good show tonight. from "dancing with the stars," brandy will be here. we have music from trey songz. and we'll be right back with leah remini, so stick around. ♪ such a silly game we play ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh
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>> jimmy: well, hello, welcome back. with us tonight on the show, the third runner up from "dancing with the stars." wow, what a shocker tonight. moments ago, she was sent packing with her partner maks, brandy is here. then later, his new album, "passion, pain, and pleasure" debuted at number one on the r&b charts. and he is also up for favorite male artist at the american music awards this sunday night on abc. trey songz, from the bud light stage. tomorrow night is our big national unfriend day blowout. our guests from "the social network" armie hammer is here. we have something special
12:32 am
planned with him. from "grey's anatomy," patrick dempsey, music from nelly and a whole bunch of surprise celebrities stopping by to help put a dent in friendship as we know it. for nine seasons our first guest played queen to the "king of queens." i guess she was the queen of queens. now, she sits as part of a royal court on the new daytime show "the talk." you can watch it every weekday afternoon on cbs. please say hello to leah remini. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: great to see you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: how is everything? [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> jimmy: did you unfriend anyone? >> yeah, i did. >> jimmy: you're a facebooker? >> not really. i'm not a great facebooker. >> jimmy: that's the best way to be. >> facebooker?
12:33 am
i'm learning to tweet. >> jimmy: are you? >> but i've taken to answering every tweet. >> jimmy: no, no, no. that's a terrible idea. >> i get into arguments, i have other people writing me, going, block this person, i'm like, no, they need to learn, this is not the way you talk to people. >> jimmy: you are actually raising people through twitter. >> basically. >> jimmy: that's nice. the new show, it must be a relief to speak to one person there are 30 people on that show you with now. >> yeah, 31. >> jimmy: how many co-hosts? we have five, and our girl on the street that does segments on the street. it's worked out really well. i thought there was going to be a lot of fighting. i was looking forward to a little fistfight, you know, i always wanted to get into a fistfight. >> jimmy: and there's not? >> no. >> jimmy: if you got in a fistfight -- let's do through the people on the show and we'll figure -- >> sharon osborne. >> jimmy: you don't want to miss with her. >> i thought we were going to fight. we didn't. she may need a cup of tea because she's english.
12:34 am
holly robinson peete. thought we were going to fight. >> jimmy: no? >> nothing. julie chen. i thought we might, she's from the bronx, i'm from brooklyn. >> jimmy: nothing. >> very nice, very positive. sara gilbert -- a vegan. >> jimmy: so physically -- >> you can't fight with that vegan. they eat flowers. just doesn't feel -- >> jimmy: she seems very friendly. i don't think she's the fighting type. >> not so much. >> jimmy: and who else? we're missing one more. >> marissa. not a fighter. just a lover. >> jimmy: really? >> smiley, just sweet person. >> jimmy: you might need a rosie on the show. >> we might need that. >> jimmy: punches thrown or something. and the show, you talk about things -- well, you don't talk about current events so much, do you? >> no. i thought we should, so i got up very early -- i get up every morning -- >> jimmy: me, too.
12:35 am
not early, but in the morning. >> but very early to watch cnn because i think that's what people do on morning shows, they are informed and educated. so, i guess up, i watch cnn. >> jimmy: you study what's going on? >> i report to the producers, they go, uh-huh, so, we're talking about today, how to make a muffin. with vegetables in it so your kid can't detect it. >> jimmy: really? and wolf blitzer rarely covers that on cnn, so, that's -- you might want to stopwatching that stuff. you don't need to bother. you guys talk about motherhood. >> we talk about current events but we take it to another, like, area, we talk about how we feel about it, not so much being politically correct or being smart because i'm not. i dumb the show down. >> jimmy: i don't think that's true at all. >> you're very sweet. >> jimmy: do you feel like -- that's your role, to -- >> i dumb it down. >> jimmy: but if you're dumbing it down intentionally then it's
12:36 am
really not -- >> i wish that were true. >> jimmy: really? >> i wish i could say i'm dumbing it down, i'm smart, i have to -- that's not true. i'm just not that bright. >> jimmy: you draw from your personal experiences. i heard your mom is at the show a lot -- >> she's at every show. she's been at every "king of queens" -- >> jimmy: really? is that good? [ applause ] >> i love it. >> jimmy: oh, you do. because -- >> we're very close. >> jimmy: if my mom was at every show, it would be called "the yell" instead of "the talk." does she get mixed up -- >> my mother will give me notes after the show and say, that doesn't happen, and i'm like, you don't even know my name. my mother will yell, she has three daughters, she yells at every child before she gets to me. i go, how are you going to remember, she'll tell me we went somewhere that we didn't go. remember, when we went to disneyland, and i'm like, we never did. >> jimmy: that's a common thing with all mothers. >> all moms think -- >> jimmy: either that we have it
12:37 am
wrong and we're insistent -- >> i don't want to believe. >> jimmy: that's where you get your siblings to gang up on mom and force the truth out of her. which she will change again six months later. and does your mom come with you to the show -- >> she drives to the lot, okay, she drives to the lot and she's been -- they threatened she would get kicked off the lot because what's the thingy that -- what do they call, the wood thingy, the gate -- >> jimmy: the thing. the thing, yeah. >> right. that's what everybody -- >> jimmy: the arm. >> you know the thing. so, the thing comes down and my mother, you know, being from new york, being from brooklyn, if, like, you don't answer her in two seconds, she's like, give me the answer. so, the guard didn't see her coming and she feels like they should know me, i'm your mother, and so, like, if they don't -- she don't want to come to a complete stop, she wants to roll. so, like, if they don't -- she will go around. and she said, i have things to do. i have to give notes to my daughter. so, she just kind of just goes around the thing and this
12:38 am
security guard stopped her. they had words, whatever. i'm going to side with my mother, i'm like, so open the damn thing. when you see her coming, open it up! but she parks where she wants to park. she parks in neil patrick harris' spot. so what? he can't park somewhere else? she just parks -- >> jimmy: does neil have her towed? >> no, no, no, that's not going to happen. >> jimmy: you don't want to mess with him. >> you don't miss with me mother. >> jimmy: yeah. wow, that's -- you know, you must have a very strong relationship with her. >> i do. am i sweating? >> jimmy: a little bit. >> as a host, you are -- a little something, if you see something then, get a tissue -- >> jimmy: i wouldn't say sweating. there's a slight glow there. >> but like, a weird sweat glow -- >> jimmy: no, no. >> i just had sex glow? >> jimmy: that's what it's like. now you're going to get a note about that from mom. >> then i'm good.
12:39 am
how am i sitting? >> jimmy: i don't want to pry, but -- hey, i know you and jennifer lopez are friends, right? how do you think she's going to do on "american idol"? she doesn't seem like she would be the mean type. >> no, she's not mean. she loves artists. she loves -- she wants people to do well. she's so perfect for the show. >> jimmy: she'll be more like paula than rooting for the people -- >> she's great. she's really good at finding a star quality and she's really good at knowing that it's very uncomfortable -- you don't realize, there's 100 people behind the scenes. >> jimmy: and you're on tv. >> and you're staring at jennifer lopez and -- >> jimmy: stephven tyler. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i don't have 11 hosts around me -- >> occasionally guillermo will -- >> you should give me advice about that. because i'm really, like, trying to learn how to interview a celebrity. i'm not good at that. >> jimmy: why? >> i make faces to the camera. i'm just like, i don't know.
12:40 am
i check out. i realize a lot of times, like, they'll be talking and i'll look at the camera and i'll go -- like, i get uncomfortable. like, i -- >> jimmy: don't change that. >> thank god they don't air that, but i don't know that. >> jimmy: that's the best. >> the audience is laughing and people are looking, going, what's happening, and i'm just like -- >> jimmy: you're sitting there, going -- like, something like that. >> what do you do when you hate the guest, there's no -- >> jimmy: it happens. it definitely happens. >> now? >> jimmy: no, no. >> what should i do? i should be gracious but i just -- >> jimmy: just do what hookers do and fake it. >> i can do that. >> jimmy: the only way to go. "the talk" is on 1:00 eastern, 2:00 pacific every weekday on cbs.
12:41 am
leah remini, everybody. we'll be right back with brandy. most people like to hear
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>> jimmy: hi there. still to come on the show, trey songz will be with us. earlier tonight, our next guest became the unfortunate victim of what can only be described as hurricane bristol. here tonight with her dance partner maxim chmerkovskiy -- did i say that right? please welcome brandy. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you guys for coming. >> thank you. >> jimmy: let's not have one of those everything is great, everything is friendly thing. this was an outrage what happened tonight. true? true? >> true. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i mean, really. you got a perfect score last night on the tango. three tens. you could not have been expecting this. you weren't.
12:46 am
>> no. >> jimmy: of course not. >> you hope for the best, but -- you know, i have no regrets. i think that -- i've had a great experience with my partner and what i've gained from the show is unbelievable. my confidence is back, i believe more in myself now -- >> jimmy: this would destroy my confidence, and i would probably sell my soul to the devil after something like this happened. >> no. it's not that serious. >> jimmy: do you believe there is an organized tea party voting block -- maksim -- you're from russia, right, you know about the blocks. >> i think, you know, there's definitely a huge support for bristol, but i think this huge support for everybody in the finale. we have no regrets. we had a perfect score, we did the encore today and it is -- it's up to the people. >> jimmy: i blame america for this. you know, that's the thing. i do keep talking to people and people are like, each week, people are like, how did bristol
12:47 am
palin -- not that she's not trying but there are certain people that are clearly better than others on the show. you obviously are one of those people. [ applause ] and then i ask, they're like, can you believe it, and i go, did you vote? and then they say, well, no. and that's the thing. you don't vote on this show for who you don't think should advance, you have to vote for who you do think should advance, and i think what people see you doing so well and getting perfect scores, they go, i don't have to bother voting. she got perfect scores, whatever. >> can you imagine if you could vote for who you don't want to see, then some of us would have negative scores. >> jimmy: you have to go back in time, actually, and throw people after before they were even cast on the show. now, also, i think maybe -- this may have had something to do -- let's take a look at the video tape here. >> the thing of the dance is how quick you will you get into the dance and i'm kind of shocked
12:48 am
that you took -- musicality -- >> relax. don't worry about it. >> i'm so stressed because she's -- >> we did a lot of stuff. >> kurt did more dancing. he did right on the first beat, maks. >> he isn't a singer. >> don't worry about it. >> got it right on the first beat. >> nothing against you, brandy. has a lot to do with the choreography. >> it's all on me. i take the blame. >> i'm glad you do. >> jimmy: maks. you got very upset. i've not seen you that upset before. >> i wasn't upset. >> jimmy: you weren't? >> no, because we got a great score, too, it was an amazing dance, i was very proud of brandy and i just stood up for her dancing, and i don't think it's necessary to criticize at all. if you like the dance, say you like the dance. if you don't like my interpretation, tell me that behind the scenes, but -- >> jimmy: i got you. i see. so, you're saying that kind of technical end of it should be --
12:49 am
they should be judging specifically judging the contestants on the show. >> absolutely. i mean -- you know, we are huge deal of, you know, huge part of the show, and i don't take away any responsibility, obviously, you know, at the end of the day, what they do, and it's so funny because we stand there, hearing the comments and they're like, well, i don't think you danced this and that and whatever, the interpretation, they have nothing to do with this, it's all in the pros. >> jimmy: i got you. did you make up, you and carrie, afterwards? >> uh -- >> jimmy: i take that as a no. she did give you a ten for the dance -- you got in a lot of fights between yourselves, too, didn't you? >> that's the way it appeared, but when you are going after something and when you want something, have the same passion, sometimes you go through moments that you're not proud of but at the end of the day, this is going to be my friend forever. forever. >> jimmy: will you guys be friends forever? >> forever. >> jimmy: that's --
12:50 am
[ applause ] i guess it all worked out well. now, but again, i mean, i still don't think you were the one to go tonight. i tell you what, i mean, i think the finals are the finals, but it seems crazy to me. however, we do have a tradition around here, and when you come to the end of the rainbow, as it is, well, let's go outside to hollywood boulevard for the ceremonial burning of the capezios. brandy, tonight, you were eliminated from "dancing with the stars," and now your shoes pay the price. guillermo? america has spoken. brandy, your dance card has been punched. brandy and maks, everybody. "dancing with the stars," the finals, monday and tuesday night at 8:00 and 9:00 here on abc. we'll be right back with trey songz. ♪ [ female announcer ] the cleaner the counter, the smoother the counter.
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>> jimmy: this is his new number one album, it's called "passion, pain and pleasure." here with the song "bottoms up," trey songz. ♪ oh, oh, oh it's mr. steal your girl oh, oh, oh it's mr. steal your girl ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh hey girl, hey girl, her girl ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up hey, what's in ya cup? got a couple bottles but a couple ain't enough ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up throw your hands up
1:00 am
tell security we 'bout to tear this club up ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up pocket full of green girl, you know i love the way you ♪ ♪ shake it in them jeans bottoms up, bottoms up throw ya hands up bottoms up, bottoms up ♪ ♪ bottoms ♪ you know what it is girl we back up in this thang money stay in my pocket, girl i'm like a walkin' bank ♪ ♪ tell me whatcha drank tell me whatcha thank if i go get these bottles we go alcohol insane ♪ ♪ callin' all the girls do you hear me all around the world city to city ♪ ♪ cheers to the girls throw a deuce to the guys now i got a chicken and a goose in the ride ♪ ♪ gettin' loose in the ride you can move to the move to the ♪ ♪ move to the side ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up hey, what's in ya cup? got a couple bottles but a couple ain't enough ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up throw your hands up tell security we 'bout to tear this club up ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up pocket full of green
1:01 am
girl, you know i love the way you ♪ ♪ shake it in them jeans bottoms up, bottoms up throw ya hands up bottoms up, bottoms up ♪ ♪ bottoms ♪ my vision's blurred my words slurred its jam packed a million girls ♪ ♪ and i ain't tryin to lead em we drunk so let me be your alcohol hero ♪ ♪ callin' all the girls do you hear me all around the world city to city ♪ ♪ cheers to the girls throw a deuce to the guys now i got a chicken and a goose in the ride ♪ ♪ gettin' loose in the ride you can move to the move to the ♪ ♪ move to the side ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up hey, what's in ya cup? got a couple bottles but a couple ain't enough ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up throw your hands up tell security we 'bout to tear this club up ♪ ♪ bottoms up, bottoms up pocket full of green girl, you know i love the way you ♪ ♪ shake it in them jeans bottoms up, bottoms up throw ya hands up bottoms up, bottoms up ♪ ♪ bottoms
1:02 am
♪ bottoms up, bottoms up bottoms up, bottoms up ♪ ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
1:03 am
that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese,
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deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.


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